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300 & 330 Main Street, Winnipeg MB

December 13, 2019 By Penta Staff Leave a comment

Winnipeg's downtown skyline is growing with the addition of a 40-storey skyscraper ( the tallest building in the city ) near Portage and Main. In comparison, the city's two best-known skyscrapers — the Richardson Building and 201 Portage — are both 34 floors tall.



Recently Penta started using another type of foam offered by BASF called Walltite XL. This spray foam in intended for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional building applications where insulation is required. It can be used above or below grade, for interior or exterior building envelope applications including; exterior, cavity and foundation walls, between steel or wood framing, under floor slabs, in cantilevered areas and in specialized applications.

The advantage with XL is that it can be sprayed up to 5” thick in one pass allowing quicker installation than regular 2 lb density foams which have to be installed in 2” passes with cooling periods in between.

This is a big advantage if access to the area of work is difficult such as high vaulted ceilings, scaffolded areas, tight spaces under buildings etc.  Or also filling cavities that are very difficult to spray with a 2” pass. Can cut labour in half or more.


Bush Hammer Tooling

September 13, 2019 By Penta Staff Leave a comment

Penta has a new tool in the tool shed for surface preparation. It is bush hammer tooling for our large scale Grinder. Designed to remove concrete quickly and aggressively and profile it to prepare for various topping.


New Student Housing in Winnipeg

Description: 16-Storey Student Residence & 1-Level Underground Parking
Penta's Scope of Work: Blindside Waterproofing
Customer: Ledcor Construction Limited
Location: Winnipeg Manitoba
Start Date: April 2019


Slab Jacking

Have you heard of slabjacking?  Mud jacking? Concrete raising?


Your Top 10 Spray Foam Questions Answered

November 24, 2017 By Penta Staff Leave a comment

We’ve compiled a list of top 10 questions we get asked at trade shows!   


Cindy Klassen Recreation Complex Pool

In September 2017 Penta started the job of restoring and repainting the pool bulkheads and repainting the lane markers at Cindy Klassen Recreation Complex in Winnipeg Manitoba.


Elastomeric Traffic Coating at Castle Gardens

After completing the fire-stopping at Castle Gardens, a brand new condominium in Winnipeg’s south, Penta was tasked with coating the indoor parking garage.



Float On - Spray foam on an Island

"I really want to get the underside of my cabin sprayed, but I know it's impossible because it's on an island".  



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