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Blast Walls and Fire Protection

by Chris Grabski

Penta Protective Coatings has been involved with a revolutionary power-production and transmission project in Manitoba over the last year, a project which effects well outside Manitoba, and even Canada!

A blast wall is a barrier designed to protect vulnerable buildings or other structures and the people inside them from the effects of a nearby explosion. 

Penta’s role in the project was all about fire protection

We were responsible to ensure that if a fire broke out in an area, it would be contained. We worked hand-in-hand with the spray foam installers to make sure areas were isolated in case of a fire outbreak. We were also responsible for the joint sealant between the precast concrete panels that make up the building. This included the slab edge joint, vertical joints, roof joints, interior joints, and exterior joints. Sealing the slab edge joint prevents fire and smoke from reaching the floor and its occupants above.

Blast Walls

Once the building was sealed up for safety, Penta was tasked with protecting the equipment which sits directly outside the building. These big pieces of equipment are separated by walls which are designed to contain the damage if one of these pieces of equipment catches on fire or explodes. Penta’s joint sealants are designed to withstand the explosion, and fire, so if something were to happen to the equipment, the surrounding equipment would remain intact.

Penta’s work on the project, along with the other workers, is helping to provide sufficient uninterrupted electricity to Canadians and Americans for generations to come.



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