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Elastomeric Traffic Coating at Castle Gardens

by Penta Staff

After completing the fire-stopping at Castle Gardens, a brand new condominium in Winnipeg’s south, Penta was tasked with coating the indoor parking garage.


The process is fairly simple but requires an experienced hand to ensure the process is executed properly and the outcome is flawless. The concrete is shot-blasted which creates a rough surface the epoxy primer can stick to.


Once the parkade has the primer applied it is time for a base coat. The base coat is mixed and poured on to the floor where it is evenly spread to ensure consistency.

traffic coating

Once the base coat is dry, it is time to top coat.

The top coat is the finished product and is what everybody is going to be looking at so it is important that it is done properly!

The top coat consists of an epoxy product and sand; the sand is broadcast into the product to the customer’s taste. With no sand, the finished product is a smooth surface which may not be ideal in all applications.

The sand differs in size and shape, and the amount added into the top coat will determine how smooth or how rough the finished product is.

Most elastomeric membranes have two layers: a base coat that provides the waterproofing protection, and a top coat, which protects the base membrane and provides skid resistance. 


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