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To whom it may concern: 
Penta has been our primary spray foam supplier for Pacesetter Homes for 7 years.
Their service meets our requirements and schedule.  Penta's customer service staff are knowledgeable and able to handle complex questions and requests. 
Penta Protective Coatings Ltd. has been a reliable and valued trade partner through the last 7 years of our business.
Given our experience with Penta we would happily recommend them as a supplier of professional service.
Lloyd Dumonceaux
Assistant General Manager
Pacesetter Homes LTD




Hi Joe, just wanted to give you some feedback on the performance of our house after we had Penta install spray foam in the walls of our 100 year old brick house in Wolseley
We had an energy evaluation done where they measured the air tightness.
Initially the house was so leaky the evaluator could not get a reading.
After the foam was done the air tightness test went to 48, and that was with my two chimneys being open.  An amazing improvement.
The part I liked best was that my heating bills went from $650 to $100. on budget. Insulating paid for itself in 3 years
I am now doing another house for my-self, an 1130 square foot bungalow, gutted to the walls, plus the basement. Can you give me a call?
Thanks, Charlie B




It was a pleasure having Penta complete my work order. From the personable visit by Charlie to the one-on-one telephone care provided by Linda; and your installers were most professional.
I appreciate Linda, and Trish in Accounting, going that one extra step today in obtaining & emailing me a copy of my invoice/receipt as I required it for the energy evaluation meeting today.
Thank you.
Lyn B




On Dec. 9th- 10th your crew came and spray foamed my basement walls. Almost immediately I could feel the benefits of the spray foam. The basement felt warmer. The electric furnace which was used to warm up the basement for spray foaming, went from cutting in every 10 minutes to cutting in every hour. I also noticed that there was no air coming in around the electrical outlets, so the spray foam not only insulated the walls it sealed them as well. I have also noticed that it is a whole lot quieter in the basement. The spray foam is not only a very good insulator against the cold, but a good noise insulator as well.
The crew was very professional. They were polite and friendly. They took the time to answer any questions I had.  When they were done the basement was as clean as or cleaner than when they arrived. Any excess foam that was cut off the walls was swept up, bagged and taken with them. There was literally nothing for me to clean up! That really impressed me.
I have no regrets about hiring Penta Protective Coatings to spray foam my basement. I would not hesitate to hire them again and I would not hesitate to recommend them to someone else.
Thank you for your time.
Jim D.




Hi Linda,
I just wanted to say thank you for fitting me into your schedule even though Nelson and Mike had to work very late. They were both very professional and did a great job, it's very much appreciated. We will be spray foaming all our exterior walls in our house shortly and am looking forward to doing business again. 
Happy holidays,
Jacques D.




I just wanted to let you know that your workers that came over on Friday, October 10, 2014, to Starbuck were very professional and did an extremely good job.
Thank you very much for your service and I will be sure to mention your company to friends and family about your good service and quality product.
Thank you,
Irene G




Thank you to you and your colleagues for a job well done at ## Street, Winnipeg.  Everyone from Penta was professional, helpful, and friendly.  Glad we got both parts of the insulating done as my wife was in withdrawal from not being able to use the washer and dryer. 
I‘m including the fire retardant instillation staff in my positive assessment.  They stayed an extra hour taking off the plastic which was over the pipes and cleaned up. Appreciated their efforts. Allowed us to turn on the furnace.   
Happy Thanks Giving to the management and staff of Penta.
Ben B





I’m sending you this note to express my Great Satisfaction with Ryan and Danny efforts in completing the difficult job of applying spray foam to the exterior walls of the three “Dog houses” on the roof of the Wallace building.
Weather is never your friend when an exterior application is needed.
Ryan and Danny set up wind breaks, came in early, stayed late, did whatever they had to do to complete the job.
 I thank Ryan and Danny for their effort and look forward to working with them again.
Paul J. Stein
Site Superintendent
PCL Constructors
Winnipeg District





I think it is eight years since you insulated our attic with Icynene. It has been great... we have not put a heat duct up there and my partner is able to use the space as a workshop winter and summer. A HUGE change from before. Hope all is well with you.




Just a short note to fill you in on the experienced results of the recently applied Icynene insulation at ### Avenue.
Given the summer of hot weather we have had in Winnipeg, the insulation has certainly been put to the test.  Our upper floor recreation space is definitely improved in air quality and decreased humidity.
I have taken some temperature readings from the inside knee-wall cavities and interior finished space:
North knee-wall cavity and interior temperature variance is 2.5 deg. F.
South knee-wall cavity and interior temperature variance is 11.5 degrees F. 
This is quite a difference!  However, the comfort level on the interior space is c o n s i d e r a b l e.
I look forward to see what results are realized during the "heating" season.
Richard S





Joe, as we discussed, here's my feedback on the job your guys did.

There were three things that made me choose Penta.  First, referrals.  I spoke with two referrals that you supplied and they were very happy with your company and the product.  Second, Rob.  Rob made a site visit to give
me his assessment of removing the insulation from the attic and applying insulation to the crawl space.  Dealing with Rob was straight forward, I appreciated his no-nonsense approach and he was professional.  Third, Marv.
I had difficulty reaching you or Chris a couple of weeks prior to the job and I spoke with Marv, who then sent Rob to my house for the on-site assessment.  I explained my unique situation (small crawlspace, attic with
multiple additions) and Marv quickly related to my dilemma and gave me a no-B.S. answer.  Both Marv and Rob's styles gave me confidence that what they were saying was truthful and accurate - they knew their stuff.

My experience with Rob and his crew during the job was excellent.  It was clear to me that Rob was dedicated to doing a thorough job and doing it right.  It was also clear to me that working on my house was challenging
(both the insulation removal and the application of the Icynene).  I reallyappreciated the effort and quality of work that Rob and his crew did.

While the price tag was a little high, it is understandable. Overall, I'm really pleased and would highly recommend Penta.

Marcus Maier, P.Eng. M.Sc.
Director of Engineering
PT6 Strategic Business Unit
Standard Aero Ltd





To whom it may concern,
Penta Protective Coatings performed the conventional fireproofing on the Edmonton International Airport Terminal Expansion.  The work was performed in accordance with the specifications and in a timely and efficient manner that met our tight schedule and time lines.  Their safety performance met or exceeded our requirements.  I would recommend Penta Protective Coatings in this capacity for future work.
Brad Nilson C.E.T.
PCL Industrial Constructors Inc.





Joe, just a note to reiterate our discussion last week about my experience with bonus rooms/cab overs.

In my many years in the residential construction industry I have tried many methods to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures in bonus rooms.  Invariably there have always been some complaints about cold floors or cold rooms.  Since we have been using Penta (and Icynene Spray Foam Insulation) to insulate the underside of the bonus room, we have not had a single complaint from our clients.  Our homes have gone through two very cold Manitoba winters with excellent results.  I can safely say that I’m sold on this method for insulation of rim joists and bonus room floors.
We have been using you and your Icynene Insulation System for the several years now.  You and your staff have given us excellent service and competitive pricing on our projects requiring spray foam insulation.
Not only am I putting out a higher quality overall product, but I’m also eliminating a major source of callbacks, thus increasing my company’s profitability.  It’s a system that makes me more money.
We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Penta Protective Coatings and your Icynene Insulation System.





Hi Linda,
I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how impressed I was by the work and the workers who sprayed under our cottage floor yesterday. Tim and AJ arrived around 10:30 Wednesday, October 10th and went right to work. They surveyed the situation, gave me some poly to cover some items of value under the cottage and started working. They were thorough, professional and friendly. I was impressed with how hard they worked for a good three hours without a break.
They worked around some items under the cottage and never complained but were in a good mood all day. It is hot and messy work and they both seemed to enjoy it. Anyway, I was very impressed with them and the job. I would recommend Penta to anyone. Thanks

Lee B





Just dropping you a line to fill you in on the data I have kept with respect to the Icynene Insulation that was applied to our residence on ### Ave. (Wpg) in June/01.
I have kept a record of natural gas consumption for the period 06/00 to 06/02:
06/00-06/01 consumption = 286 cubic feet
06/01-06/02 consumption = 268 cubic feet
This represents approximately a 6% reduced consumption.  Understandably there are a lot of contributing factors to actual consumption, however when I consider that we have kept an overall higher house temperature (during the night) of +2F during the heating season, the 6% is actually much greater.
We are very pleased with the performance and added comfort level of the Icynene Insulation.
Richard S





Thank you again for the job well done! I don't have a hygrometer but I can tell that the humidity level in the house has significantly decreased.