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What's lurking in your basement?

**Spoiler alert, probably Mold!***


What causes mold and moisture problems in basements?


Two main causes:

1) Water that has not evaporated from the new concrete in new homes.  Concrete not given adequate time to dry, takes a long time but builders insulate and seal the wall assemblies in order to turn over houses to purchasers. In cold weather this moisture tries to dry the interior but forms frost because of the vapour barrier. 


Warmer temperatures allow the frost to melt which causes mold.

2) Warm interior air gets past the interior wall finishes (drywall and poly vapour barrier) migrates to the cold concrete surface in winter and forms frost. 













When we get warmer or a "bonspiel thaw" the frost turns to liquid water.  Sometimes this shows up at the bottom of the wall but quite frequently the moisture never becomes evident and stays hidden.  This leads to potentially hazardous mould and mildew contaminating the interior air.



























The solution:


Spray applied foam insulation which applied to the concrete prevents warm interior air from coming into contact with the cold concrete surface.  This prevents the formation of mold and ensures good indoor air quality.





















A basement insulated with spray foam will never have frost or mold issues.

For more information please call us at 204-992-2603 or 204-781-1770

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