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Fire Proofing

AD’s product line includes Type 5 and Type 7 cementitious products and Type FP mineral fiber. Grace offers cementitious sytems only; Monokote MK 6 and Z-106 are the most commonly specified systems for structural steel and Z-3306 is commonly used as a protective thermal barrier for use over spray foam insulations. Hibar is a mineral fiber system that can be used in fireproofing applications or as a thermal barrier over spray foam.

There are different densities that are available in all product lines depending on the exposure and whether they are exposed or subject to physical contact. Sealers are also available if required. Gypsum and Portland cement are used as binders.

Mineral fibre fireproofing is a fibrous material that is mixed with water and an adhesive and applied to structural steel, roof decks and open web joists. The water is mixed with the fibre at the spray gun; the material is blown onto the surface and is tamped down if needed.


Once the curing period has passed the mineral fibre is dry and bonded to the substrate it has been applied to. Cementious fireproofing is a mortar mixed material, which is loaded into a hopper and pumped through a hose under pressure; it is then sprayed onto the surface that is being fireproofed. When the material dries it has the texture and strength of cement and is hardened and bonded into place. Both types of spray applied fireproofing can be applied by hand if needed, in the event the area is to small to reach with the gun, or the areas requires special care to keep it clean.   

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