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Waterproofing • Exterior Below Grade

All foundations will eventually get cracks, typically within the first year. Some coatings stretch over the cracks but become weaker, while others can crack with the foundation leaving your wall prone to headwater pressure. Typical tar coatings may dissipate into the soil in as little as five years due to ground settlement and the alkalis in the soil.

This interior moisture can create the perfect environment for mold and mildew growth. Many buildings constructed today extend one or several floors below grade level.

While below grade areas in buildings provide important critical functions for the building, the subject of below grade building enclosure systems, although widely addressed during construction practices is not always wholly understood.

Below grade systems are often inaccessible for repairs and extremely costly if repairs or modifications are necessary.

BASF’s HLM 5000 or GacoFlex LM-60 offers monolithic, 100% solids membrane waterproofing for all types of structures, including below grade applications, chiller and potable water tanks, water fountains, and under thin-set tiles.

Crystaline waterproofing is typically is a capillary waterproofing formulation of proprietary blends of chemicals, quartz, sand and cement.

Penta Protective Coatings has worked with Xypex, Permaquik, Cemcoat CW plus among many others.

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