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Fire Stopping

Firestopping is still an industry in it’s infancy and is often misunderstood by contractors and design professionals. Often each trade on a construction site is left to restore fire separations but more and more often design professionals are seeing the benefits of having Firestopping performed by a trade specializing in this important scope.

A specific UL or ULC design should be provided for each application or assembly. There are thousands of different designs for the specific areas to be sealed such as head of wall, bottom of wall, pipe and electrical penetrations, etc. Proper selection is imperative to ensure that the fire separations perform as designed in a fire event.


Penta Protective Coatings is an authorized applicator for STI, Hilti, 3M and AD Fire Protection fire stopping systems.

Effective compartmentation is one of the most important life safety requirements in building construction. By containing the spread of fire and smoke it allows occupants critical time to evacuate buildings as well as reducing damage to property.   

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