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Penta has a new tool in the tool shed for surface preparation. It is bush hammer tooling for our large scale Grinder. Designed to remove concrete quickly and aggressively and profile it to prepare for various topping.

A bush hammer consists of a grid of conical or pyramidal points at the end of a large metal slug. The repeated impact of these points into stone or concrete creates a rough, pockmarked texture that resembles naturally weathered rock. They can help to increase bonding effectiveness when applying new concrete to an existing concrete surface by increasing the surface area of the bonding zone.

We have recently completed a job at a local car dealership using this machine. They needed a surface grinding technique to remove some extra inches of concrete to prepare for an epoxy floor to be poured.

The job took 3 days with 1 worker working 8 hours a day. This new tooling is approximately 10x faster then traditional concrete grinding when deep concrete grinding is required.

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