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Fort Garry Fire Trucks - Floor Coating

When you’re delivering a million dollar vehicle to a customer everything better be on point!

Fort Garry Fire Trucks delivers custom built fire fighting vehicles to clients all over the world. When they wanted to put some polish on their client delivery bay they chose Penta to make their showroom floor shine.

When owner Rick Suche wanted a floor that would make their product 'pop' when customers came to see FGFT’s products either as a potential buyer or as a happy buyer taking delivery of their customized product.

Rick requested a white floor that would impress! Penta suggested an epoxy basecoat with an Aliphatic Polyurethane top coat for maximum gloss and UV protection. A small amount of vinyl flakes was added to make the white floor a little more aesthetically pleasing and make housekeeping easier. The end result was simply stunning:

Fort Garry Fire Trucks runs a world class business in our little city. An international success story that many people are not aware of. Check out their story here.

From manufacturing plants to man caves, Penta has a system for your project!

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