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Recently Penta started using another type of foam offered by BASF called Walltite XL. This spray foam in intended for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional building applications where insulation is required. It can be used above or below grade, for interior or exterior building envelope applications including; exterior, cavity and foundation walls, between steel or wood framing, under floor slabs, in cantilevered areas and in specialized applications.

The advantage with XL is that it can be sprayed up to 5” thick in one pass allowing quicker installation than regular 2 lb density foams which have to be installed in 2” passes with cooling periods in between.

This is a big advantage if access to the area of work is difficult such as high vaulted ceilings, scaffolded areas, tight spaces under buildings etc.  Or also filling cavities that are very difficult to spray with a 2” pass. Can cut labour in half or more.


  • Superior Thermal Resistance - The LTTR value of WALLTITE XL is higher than traditional insulation products resulting in reduced conductive heat loss and lower energy consumption.

  • Excellent Air Sealing Ability - WALLTITE XL is a closed cell insulation that expands while being installed creating an effective air barrier, reducing air leakage, resulting in improved comfort and energy savings.

  • Quality Installation – Licensing of installers is required and WALLTITE XL is installed by applicators that are licensed through BASF Canada’s Quality Assurance and Training Program – RAISING PERFORMANCE TO NEW HEIGHTS® (QATP) and certified through Caliber who is responsible for delivering the Morrison Hershfield Quality Assurance Program (MHQAP).

  • Durability - WALLTITE XL can be installed and left without any cladding for up to 3 months.

  • Experience – With over 25 years experience in spray polyurethane foam insulation, BASF Canada is well equipped to understand the challenges of the Canadian climate. Consumers can rest assured that they are working with the leading spray foam manufacturer in both residential and commercial construction.

All of our spray foam installers are trained and licensed to spray Walltite XL safely and properly.

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