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How to Choose a Spray Foam Company

When Penta started spraying polyurethane foam insulation in 1996 there were five spray foam contractors in Manitoba. Now there are over 45.

This is a good thing as it shows how well spray foam insulation has been accepted and integrated as a beneficial building envelope technology. However, as with any booming technology there comes the task of making sure that the service provider you’re considering using is up to the task.

It used to cost $125,000 to set up a spray foam rig. Now if you look hard enough, you can set up a trailer-rig for less than $40,000. Less if you’re willing to buy used equipment from someone getting out of the business (read on below).

This has led to a proliferation of spray foam companies in the marketplace with probably 30-50% of them being owner/operators who have 'day jobs.' I personally know of several teachers, firemen, elevator mechanics, amongst others who moonlight with spray foam as a side business. These part-timers come and go in the marketplace. You can invariably find a spray foam rig on Kijiji listed by someone who’d tired of the business after a year or two, once discovering the business is not as simple as originally anticipated.

There is ostensibly nothing wrong with this for the most part, unless something goes wrong with the job that doesn’t surface until after the job is done. Where will the client be if after-sales service is required?

We recently remediated a school division office space that had to have the foam in the walls removed, because after several years, the source of an offensive oder was traced to the foam that had been improperly installed in the walls several years ago. Of course, the company was no longer in business and the building owner was stuck with the cost of removing the foam and having it reinstalled.

Some factors to consider when choosing your spray foam company:

  1. How long has the company been in business? Statistics show that only 36% of construction trade contractors stay in business for more than 5 years.

  2. Be skeptical of “20 years of experience" claims. Does that mean that the bookkeeper has been doing books in the construction industry for 18 years? One company that I recently came across advertised 40 years of experience on their website. The business was registered 3 months ago. Maybe they have 40 years 'combined' experience but is that claim not more than a little misleading?

  3. Are they members of the Better Business Bureau (BBB)? If so, for how long and what is their rating?

  4. How many years have the foam installers been working in the trade? Companies promote that they have only fully certified staff. The fact of the matter is that everyone who sprays foam HAS to be certified in order for the Company to buy foam, but the certification process is as simple as attending a 2-or-3-day training course at a manufacturer’s facility and writing a test. Does this make them fully qualified and knowledgeable enough to install foam? Often not. Do you want to be the job that they learn on?

  5. Do they have Google Reviews from past customers? We all know that Google reviews can be bought and paid for. Scrutinize them and look for the signs of bogus reviews. Learn how to spot phoney google reviews here. In some cases, it may be better to ask for references from recent clients.

Penta Protective Coatings has been spraying foam since 1996. Our two main installers have been spraying foam for us for 18 years and 13 years respectively. For more information, check out the rest of our website and please check out our BBB rating ( A+). We also have numerous authentic Google Reviews.

You won’t find a more qualified team to complete your project in a timely and effective manner. Contact us today to get your free quote!

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