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New Student Housing in Winnipeg

Description: 16-Storey Student Residence & 1-Level Underground Parking Penta's Scope of Work: Blindside Waterproofing Customer: Ledcor Construction Limited Location: Winnipeg Manitoba Start Date: April 2019

Construction has begun on a new 570 bed mixed-use student housing community, located directly across from the entrance of the University of Manitoba main campus and minutes from class. The suite style units come complete with contemporary furniture, including a Full XL bed, a kitchen or kitchenette, a desk, electronic keys and high-speed internet.

The fully amenitized building fulfills socialization, fitness and functional needs with spacious, quiet and state-of-the art study lounges, dedicated business centre, resort quality gym, and multiple commercial businesses. There will even be a communal kitchen for larger get-togethers. Underground parking will be available, or alternatively, convenient access to public transit in all directions.

On-site management will be present to help satisfy the needs and wants of the tenants. This housing provides its residents a lifestyle second to none, it is truly student living, re-imagined.

Penta's scope on this project is Blindside Waterproofing. Blindside is a positive-side application—meaning it goes on the outside or the soil side of the foundation wall. Negative side waterproofing is on the inside of the wall.

Blindside, sometimes called pre-applied, is a term used to define the membrane type as well as the installation process. It reverses the typical application—the waterproofing is installed before the foundation is poured. The membrane is applied to the soil support \shoring and then concrete is applied against the membrane. In short, the concrete is applied to the waterproofing. Attachment to the soil support system is temporary. The real goal of blindside is to adhere to the concrete.

We started this project in May 2019 and it took 10 weeks to complete. There were 3 installers working 8 hours a day to get this done.

Some challenges we encountered were ensuring the work was performed safely on an uneven surface, IE a mud hole. Another challenge is that this product needs to be protected from rain and with Winnipeg spring weather the way it is, we did encounter rain delays and sometimes we waited it out for drier days.

We used 165 rolls of Paraseal, it was easy to work with but the installer does need to have some prior experience to know what's required.

We have another scope in 2020 of tying in the blindside waterproofing to the hot rubberized asphalt waterproofing on the top of the parkade.

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